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Crafted from the highest quality  materials, innovatively designed, and perfectly machined – The Arches A5 Mandolin Kits offer an unparallelled building experience for beginners and seasoned builders alike.

The A5 Mandolin Kits are designed to the Arches production A5 standards, yet with a few innovations that create kits that are much easier to construct.  These kits come with the only essential jig and can be built entirely with hand tools.

You can build your own professional level A5 mandolin at home!

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Sincerely, Chris Baird – Owner, Arches Musical Instrument Co.

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The Arches A5 Mandolin Kit represents the finest materials and highest level of machining available on the market today. With patience and dedication this kit will yield a professional level A5 mandolin – crafted with one’s own hands.

Each A5 mandolin kit is built using well seasoned solid woods specifically suited for musical instrument construction. These parts are precision machined, formed, and assembled to ensure the greatest chances of success for beginning to advanced builders with limited tooling and space.  This A5 mandolin kit can be constructed anywhere, and with only hand tools.

The top and back plates are crafted from the highest quality solid woods (figured maple and Adirondack Red spruce).  The plates are carved inside and out, leaving enough thickness for hand graduation. F-holes are pre-cut in the top plate.

A-Style Top Plate

A-Style Top Plate

A-Style Back Plate

A-Style Back Plate



A-Style F-holes

A-Style F-holes


The rims are formed using a precision bending machine and assembled with hide glue. The rims are then leveled flat on both sides to exact tolerances. Lastly, an innovative joint is machined that ensures an exact alignment of the neck and body. A custom rim jig is included in each kit that maintains the shape of the rim through early construction phases. No other jigs are needed for this kit.


A-Style Neck Joint - Rim Jig

A-Style Neck Joint – Rim Jig

A-Style Rim in Rim Jig

A-Style Rim in Rim Jig

A-Style Rim in Rim Jig

A-Style Rim in Rim


The neck is created using nearly a dozen machining steps. The end result leaves just enough wood for customization and an innovative neck joint that is strong and very easy to assemble. This neck joint ensures a perfect neck set with no complicated jigs or measurements. The headstock is pre-shaped, veneered, binding channels cut, and tuner holes bored.

A-Style Headstock

A-Style Headstock

A-Style Neck Front View

A-Style Neck Front View

A-Style Neck Back View

A-Style Neck Back View


A-Style Neck Joint

A-Style Neck Joint

A-Style Neck Joint

A-Style Neck Joint






The remaining necessities are included – binding, kerfed lining, trussrod, etc. See below for a full component list.

Hardware optional add-ons are available.

We’ve started the construction manual.  We will be updating and adding to it regularly.  See it by clicking here -> Mandolin Construction Manual

Please use the product enquiry tab above if you have questions.

Sincerely, Chris Baird

Owner, Arches Musical Instrument Co.


This A5 Mandolin Kit Contains:

1 – A5 Back Plate, pre-carved, solid, figured maple

1 – A5 Top Plate, pre-carved, two piece, solid Adirondack Red Spruce

1 – A5 Fingerboard Extension, figured maple

4 – Kerfed mandolin linings

2 – Tone bar stock – Quartersawn Spruce

1 – 3/16” Dowel (locating pins)

1 – A5 Neck, pre-carved, figured maple, ebony headstock with pre-cut binding channel, dovetailed

1 – Bone nut blank for Mandolin

1 – Truss rod, Two-way

1 – .040” Ivoriod fingerboard binding

1 – .090” Ivoroid/black/ivoroid headstock binding

2 – .090” Ivoroid/black/ivoroid body binding

2 – Pre-radiused fret bar stock, Banjo Sized

1 – Traditional Ebony Fingerboard, pre-shaped, radiused (12”), slotted (29 frets), with dot holes.

6 – Pearl fingerboard dots

1 – Truss rod cover, Ebony

1 – Black side dot stock

1 – Pre-assembled rim, figured maple, mahogany, ivoriod appointments, dovetailed

1 – Rim jig

1 – Ebony endpin


Available hardware add-on options:

1 – Economy Ebony Bridge – GoldenGate/Saga

1 – Stamped nickel tailpiece – GoldenGate/Saga

1 – Grover Deluxe A5 tuners with bushings and screws

1 – Set phosphor bronze strings  (.011,.016,.026,.040)

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 16 x 6 in


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